The Canadian Education Statistics Council (CESC) governs the Canadian Education Statistics Program, a joint initiative of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and Statistics Canada, established under a Protocol originally developed in 1989.

CESC's objectives

  •  to improve the determiniation and analysis of those statistics  recognized as being descriptive of education and training in Canada

  •  to improve the timeliness, quality and interjurisdictional comparibility
     of pan-Canadian education data collected and analysed

  •  to ensure broad access with due regard for the protection of personal
     privacy to relevant pan-Canadian education statistical information

  •  to meet the increasing need within Canada to respond with relevant
     statistics to public policy issues in education

  •  to maintain a core of statistical information on education in Canada
     to be made up of regularly updated statistical elements in the areas
     of elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education and training

  •  to create pan-Canadian statistical information on education that will
     assist in the effective, efficient and economical management of
     institutions, systems and government agencies representative of
     education and  training

  •  to provide information for the study of issues in education, and

  •  to establish a mechanism for cooperation and collaboration between
     Statistics Canada and CMEC on behalf of the provinces and territories.
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